Monday, July 18, 2011

Do not let your life go so easily

It's 00:10 of 18th July.. I am just watching news..
STAR News flashing breaking news. It's family drown in a river.. it is in PatalNagar at Indore.. another flash is another disaster happen today is Bus fall in river at AshokNagar (M.P.)..
AAJTAK flashing the same..
after 9 minutes.. video comes out.. AAJTAK showing little maturity that they are showing water flow and family standing in the center of fall.. wave comes.. videos paused with red warning [can not show after this ] but STAR showing video without any editing..

Family is standing in center of river nearer to water fall.. they went in center to take nice pic.. water flow increase and force of a strong wave make camera to take last pic of them.. a young girl died and two are missing.. other two are saved but injured..
Second news almost same.. bus driver shows courage to run bus and it fell into river.. all passengers are still

This is not one day news.. manier times we see people loosing their lives in crossing the signal or fall from height or due to high speed or drowning etc..

What was the main reason to go inside water whose force you don't know.. just for a good click?? you can click it in photoshop.. you are not trained how to save yourself when you be in such situation then why should you take such a risk which may take you to end your life.. totally useless..

Your office time 10 o'clock.. leaving from home at 9:50 and run your bike over 80.. what's worth in it? just a small stone can lead you to your death.. 10 kms road to office from home won't take more than 15 minutes.
if you go at average 40 km/hr it will take 15 minutes.. if you go with 60 km/hr it will be 10 minutes.. just for 5 minutes you taking potential risk everyday.. and everyday you won't get luck with you.. it's just one day game and you will be out of this world.

You are one km away from traffic signal. it's green.. you accelerate your speed try your best to cross the signal even if it's yellow or sometimes red.. if it turns from green to yellow you should think to stop if you are little far.. again it's 3 minutes stop.. so 3 minutes are not more important than life.

Railway crossing gate has the same situation.. even if it's closed people use to cross themselves as well as their bikes/cycles from side.. even if train is far but visible, then too people use to cross the railway crossing gate.. if railway wants us to cross gates in such a manner why should railway ministry spend millions of rupee behind railway crossing gates and manpower..

Life is not so easy that you allowing death to take your life away.. today all are so busy that no one getting time to think atleast little cares in routine life. I was just reading sites related to public awareness. all says..
"समय मूल्यवान है किन्तु जीवन उससे अधिक!"

Please do take care of yourself and your dear ones.. Just think once before taking any action in your life..
May God Bless you all..

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