Saturday, September 11, 2010

How to Remove Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA - WGATray.exe)

1) Go to the Start Menu tab and click on Run.

2) Once Run has been opened, type in %systemroot%\system32 and click on ok.

3) Now once your folder is opened,
go to Tools Menu
-> Go to Folder Option.
-> Click on View Tab.
-> select Show hidden files and folders.
-> uncheck the option "Hide extensions for known file types".
-> uncheck "hide operating system files" you will get warning click on "Yes".

4) Now go and find WgaLogon.dll and you have to rename it with another extension.
To do this, right click and rename make it's extention .dll.bak instead of .dll you need to type .bak after it's name
If a warning pops up for changing the name, click on yes.

5) Now you have to find and delete the WgaTray.exe file that's in the System32. Once the file has been deleted, go straight to the "Processes" tab and highlight WgaTray.exe and click on "End Process".

Note : You may get warned that file is already in used. so be careful. First you open task manager and under process tab find "wgatray.exe" click on end task and you will get warned that "yes" or "no" keep it open and now delete the file from system32 folder now directly click on "yes" to end the process. you may find it hard but to make genuine freely you need to atleast work little harder. :-)

6) Go back to System32 and delete the WgaLogon.dll application. Then you got to change the name back to the original name.

This is exactly how you should remove Windows Genuine Advantage.
Well steps may be harder but you shouldn't perform above steps if you are not a technical person. which may lead to unstable your system.

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