Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Mystery of History - September 1752 where a month with whole of eleven days missing

If you are working in Unix, try this out.
At $ prompt, type: cal 9 1752
You will find


you can check it with Google too that history has a mystery for September 1752.

Want to know the reason?

September 3, 1752: The Gregorian calendar (New Style or N.S) replaced the Julian calendar (Old Style or O.S.) in England and its American colonies, by an act of Parliament. The difference between the Julian Calendar of 46 B.C. and the Gregorian calendar has grown to 11 days. Parliament decreed that Wednesday, September 2 will be followed by Thursday, September 14. The Gregorian Calendar was adopted by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 in most European countries. As this change comes to England, bill collectors became confused. Rumors spread that employees are losing 11 days' pay, and everybody is losing 11 days of his life. Londoners cried, "Give us our 11 days back!" and people rioted in the streets to protest the calendar change. Benjamin Franklin wrote "It is pleasant for an old man to be able to go to bed on September 2, and not have to get up until September 14."

This was the time England shifted from Roman Julian Cal. to the Gregorian Calendar and the king of England ordered those 11 days to be wiped off the face of the month of September of 1752. (What couldn't a King do in those days?!) And yes, the workers worked for 11 days less, but got paid for the entire 30 days. :-)

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