Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Proxy and Piracy - Biggest enemy of computer world or biggest friend?

Proxy and Piracy are two words I found it's most useful and most dangerous words for us..

Yahoo, Gtalk blocked in office.. I have proxy... abcd.com, 1234.com.. go enter your username password.. alas..!! it was phishing site. your password were sent to site owner.. I shouldn't have entered my gmail, yahoo passwords there..

Above is the situation 3/10 person who wish to access few mailing sites from office and get hacked..

I like to play nfs, I want office 2010, I want latest antivirus, I want to download recent movies.. you can get from pirated1234.com, spicychatxxxxxx.com etc etc..
you download games/softwares or troubles for you? instructions given that disable your anti-virus to run this movie.. and few user really do.. :-O

Same situation you can find around you.. My hidden folders are not opened.. My system is slow.. My pen drive shows virus every time I insert..

All because of our little careless..

We are paying alot for getting something at free of cost..

Do you believe the same? Do you also think that we shouldn't trust those sites which are not familiar to us.. also not stop your security suite for one mp3 song..??

I suggest as from my experience..
- Install and keep up to date anti-virus.
- Install and maintain a good firewall. (not normal Windows)
- Install a good runtime antispyware (Windows Defender, etc)
- Install a good on-demand antispyware (spybot search and destroy / Advanced System Care)
- Do not enter username and password of your yahoo/gmail any where on any other site
- Keep your sensitive password separate than your normal passwords. (don't keep same password everywhere)
- Trust on google/firefox/IE antiphishing policy and do not enter to those sites where either of these warns..

Good Luck.. :-)

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  1. nice article, only disable anti virus to install something if you know consequences of doing that. and i agree on taking phishiing site warnings by anti virus or browser seriously. and if we don't understand much about security, we should leave that to the anti virus software and just maintain it up to date. :-)