Wednesday, March 30, 2011

India - Pakistan : Semi-Final World cup 2011

It's always a high tension match when it's India v/s Pakistan.. and it's world cup semi-final so obviously most excited moments will be there within few hours..

School children egg Team India on before the CWC semifinal match
between India and Pakistan, in Bhubaneswar

Already on Twitter and Facebook, the Mohali match has been renamed World War III. And while the first ball has not yet been bowled, over 1,700 members of Cricket Fans on Facebook have begun agonizing over what would happen if the game ended in a tie.

"Today is not war so let's not get so dramtic guys..!! Team is under a lot of pressure and instead of adding to it.. Let's send them lots of love.. and even if they don't win, it's good that we reached till semi-final so love them nonetheless.. Love you INDIAN TEAM.."

-Ketan Kotak

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